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May 6, 2014
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May 8, 2014

Make us a nice ...

Now only the lazy Internet user got its own page or site, the benefit of the Internet quite a lot of companies providing conditionally free hosting (i.e. all its pages you do not pay the money, but only a day showing advertising the company opened). Of course, free hosting, which is a perfect opportunity for creative self-realization of the individual personalities, unacceptable for respectable organizations. Storìnočki any company server parole free hosting will only surprise potential clients: If a company is so cool, is it not found ten dollars a month to pay for a professional hosting? And the creation of corporate sites or online shops on the free technical platforms are able to cause only sarcasm in the competition.

How the enterprise to place information on the Internet?

Consider two of the most famous method.

The first method -creation of Web pages of the company. Them (or, in other words, business cards) can be free to post on the site of the ISP for Internet access enjoyed by the firm. If free, just making the page business cards will have to pay or employee of an enterprise, or professional Web Studio. Questions about the quality of such cards is purely subjective. Enough to design and content like tutorials.
The second way is the development of the WWW server. This gives the company a lot more possibilities. The main difference between WWW-server from the Web page, is that it can accommodate standard and specialized software. For example, to organize online store necessary programs forming orders buyers given price lists, extract and registration of accounts, etc. and create representation firm in the Internet – work is serious: the online Office is open 24 hours and therefore 24 hours visitors should be able to get acquainted with the company's activity, read prices, see portfolio, place your order. Requirements for the quality of the site several orders of magnitude higher.

  • A good website is a good idea, correct work with the customer and competent implementation, "says the head of the Web-Studio" Intercom-design "Roman Yudkin.
  • To the question of price: a large and complex site can cost cheap. As a rule, over the grave site runs a whole group of specialists: programmers, designers, photographers, marketing specialists, content editors and coordinators of the project. Development of a large site suggests a number of nuances. These include the convenience of navigation, image loading speed, compatibility with different browsers, HTML layout quality, quality programming, site administration features the same customer through a secure Web interface ( agree, the owner of the site much more convenient to quickly change the information yourself than ask employees about this provider).

The better site, so it is, naturally, more expensive, as well as the price of the car Audi car prices above deliberately VASES, so that the quality of implementation in them is different.
However, the ratio of price and quality, unfortunately, to realize not all clients Internet pages and sites. The idea "make us pokrasivše and cheap" vladarûê the minds of the most miserly customers and leads them to kustarâm-lone, proudly call themselves "Web-Studios" breed faster rabbits.

For the first time about this phenomenon said Alexander Timofeev, known on the Internet with their own Web developments:
More recently, everything was so relaxed ... And suddenly from nowhere. mushrooms after rain, and those slowly growing. By my count, at least a dozen so-called "Studios Web design" are trying to offer their services.

As you know, demand creates supply. But in fact we have so great a demand that has spawned such a range of proposals? The Design Studio, which huddle on free hosting, with a serious expression, having a list works one or maximum two works, 600 hryvnias are ready to draw the "Internet-Server with 10-12 and 7-10 of images." Offering production as anything complex websites, Internet shops, support databases.
A person who does not have the artistic flair, believes that if he knows Photoshop, Corel and slightly language HTML, he too can not worse Artemia Lebedeva do sites. And the fact that it did not recognize the – well, yes it is, they say, the fate of geniuses.

My predictions: very soon the Web Studio Web dezajnerìv waiting for a temporary crisis, because these are the halturniki-students will interrupt them clients. How justified such predictions? As a customer to distinguish: professional Studio offers him his services, or some team of students, proudly calling ourselves professionals? These questions we adresuvali Novel Yudkin and Alexander Timofêêvu.

Is difficult to answer, "says Roman. – Emerging Web-Studio, of course, is subtracted from the bread "in the pros, but mainly in singles. Or in the same studios as a newly minted "students are professionals." If it comes to a professional Studio, then we and our colleagues is a clear target audience, stable range of deserving customers. Once we have "motor" examples, it is unlikely that the managers of the Audi, for example, experiencing anxiety or annoyance when a person buys a car VAZ. Each has its own niche in the market, each focused on its circle of customers.

One of the participants in the discussion was more pessimistic and categorical in assessments:
– Day by day, everything is repeated again and again. Another Studio, once a minimum of work (well, if he did), the regular promises to make "site of any complexity for modest money."

In the end:

  • Appear bad sites with horrible quality design;
  • Appear "cool" Scribbler who are proud of their zlìplenimi "kneeling" pages (and often pocuplenimi in well-known companies, and pocuplenimi clumsily: so one of the "rabbits" published "their" work, and the title page left the company name " Ofsayta NASU ", in which he, apparently, this page and" borrowed ");
  • You don't come to new customers, who in the future will want to develop and can pay and more;
  • Moreover, new customers don't come in known and "expensive" Studio, because "these bourgeois zažralis, won DAP require, and we find-we will pay the student and Vasya in the amount of scholarships, here is Vasya zradìê."

In the end, "lameri" are the price, appearance of sites very pokručenij, and you and other pros not irrelevance. "
– I am not a Black Cloak, "replied the interlocutor Aleksandr Timofeev. – I'm not going to save the world from the invasion of students, "gìgastudìj" etc. today, Bob did another craft for 100 USD, tomorrow "gìgastudìâ" made another portal for another Caucasian autonomy. Well, well done. IM curious do this for 100 USD. Let them work. Level of quality sites, of course, by this fall, but what can be done? In addition to "students vas" there are normal guys who do high-quality sites. Their names also known to engage in advertising will not. And it is good that there is choice. Someone want to cheap, someone accurately. In addition, there is hope that sooner or later, the aforementioned "Vasey" podoroslìšaût, podnaberutsâ experience. Look and change something in this world. But me they work not subtracted. My job is to engage in the site of the company in which I work.

What can you advise those companies and organizations who want to get high-quality Web site and talk about it with potential contractor?

The slogan "trust but verify" in this case is quite appropriate. Check the contractor's credentials and documents. How real is called Enterprise, which you pay money? What it did before oŝaslivila you offer your services? What real technical capacities they possess?
Let read the proposed contract lawyer. Carefully examine the technical task (CU): is there enough definitely worded description of the final product? No matter what it says on the scope in which you feel not quite confidently: is the value of a quality VEHICLE, a description of the conditions and results of work has be clear even no specialist.
Rate your ability to use the result. If you promise to bring a site on disk or Flash drive, and then, they say, disassemble themselves – just think, can the most place it in the Internet. Analyze how you can update information on the site, and provides you with the artist.

Ask the organizations that already have a website, experience in their work with the performers.
You should not knowingly assume all scammers. If you applied with a commercial proposal to the budding Web Studio, which asks for a site less than ASA Web construction, do not worry: you are the first of their client from which to begin your shared path on the Internet. Just listen to the suggestions in paragraphs 1-4.
Well, to be honest the way Web who make only the first steps and do not steal other people's sites, do not give out the wrong development for their?

They say known Artemy Lebedev first showed our customers a portfolio of high-quality Web pages made for other companies that he actually invented. Do you think this is a hoax?

Portfolio, consisting of works, made for different firms – it's not a hoax, "says Alexander Timofeev. -What is cheating? Portfolio, as far as I understand, is intended to show the quality of their work, and not a list of clients, which you made happy. And because the quality of work remains, regardless of quality, done it for real Office or just a leisure painted for myself, I believe the wording wrong.

There is another way. Go around friends and acquaintances, who have their own firm, and offer them for free to make your Web business cards. Making 5-6 such a business, enjoy your friends, you can safely include these cards in the portfolio. Here is your conscience will be clear!

I think the new Web Studio can go to market only with sufficient professional level, "says Roman Yudkin. Without examples of work with you, no one will talk. And yet: don't offer the services that you will not provide, and prices that offer must match your level of professionalism.

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