connect-toolsWhen creating Internet resources, we use the latest technology (for example, our specialists are developing websites for CMS Joomla, WordPress and Opencart, which are so popular today), which allows us to easily create corporate web sites of any complexity, which means that visitors to your resource will never complain that the site "slows down" or loads long, regardless of How much information it contains.

At the moment the company Website "works with the most popular and modern CMS: Joomla, WordPress, Opencart.


Joomla arkasna is a content management system for creating and managing Web sites. Joomla-free and free to use.

CMS Joomla provides a wide range of features: The system allows you to create as a small sites, business cards, where only the basic information about the company-the owner of the resource, as well as online stores and portals, representing a much more complex and massive structure. Using Joomla! You can create a website for almost any purpose — from a simple personal page to a powerful trading system or social network with millions of visitors.

To the unconditional advantages of this CMS include the following:

  • Managing the structure and content of the site;
  • Information site: placing the content in the text sections, creating news, press releases, specials. proposals for articles;
  • Setting and retrieving information from feedback forms;
  • Debugging and management forum;
  • Subscription and newsletter (other useful information) subscribers;
  • Debugging and managing blogs;
  • Creation of user groups, setting of access rights to the site pages;
  • Creation and information content of the goods catalog;
  • Creation, information content and management of an online store;
  • Setup and management of the question/Response section and guest book, the possibility of moderation of messages;
  • Antispam Protection (Captcha);
  • Creation and management of surveys;
  • Creation and filling of photo galleries;
  • Obtaining information on the current weather and exchange rates;
  • Accounting statistics visits.


WordPress is the ideal platform for publication focused on aesthetics, Web standards, and usability. WordPress free and free to use.

CMS WordPress finds quite widely used in creating Internet resources: from blogging to fairly complex news sites and even online stores. Good architecture and integrated system of "topics" and "plug-ins, you can implement the most daring projects.

To the unconditional advantages of this CMS include the following:

  1. easy installation, settings;
  2. the opportunity to publish with the help of third-party programs and services;
  3. a publication;
  4. support for the so-called "themes" that allow you to easily change and appearance, and how the output of data;
  5. "Themes" are implemented as sets of template files in PHP, which positively affects the speed and flexibility;
  6. Huge libraries "themes" and "plugins".


OpenCart This is a powerful trading system open source network that combines modern technology and simple interface. OpenCart has many features and is easily adaptable to trade in Ukraine.

To the unconditional advantages of this CMS include the following:

  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited manufacturers
  • Multicurrency
  • Multilingualism
  • Open source
  • MVC architecture
  • Free documentation
  • Local community and services
  • Great base extensions