May 9, 2014

Creating a multilingual site

More and more companies and entrepreneurs want to create yourself a mul′tiâzičnij site, the site which would have involved the feature of viewing information in different languages. Due to this, of course, primarily the target audience of the company, its size and the territory on which runs this company or entrepreneur

May 8, 2014

Why does a company need a website?

So, why do you need a website for organizations, companies, businessmen? Typical targets in front of the site. Support and development of the company image in the Internet (image component); Providing the most detailed information about the company's services (information component); Advertising of the firm in the Internet (advertising component); Attracting new customers and partners, selling services and goods from the company's website (commercial component)

May 7, 2014

Make us a nice ...

Now only the lazy Internet user got its own page or site, the benefit of the Internet quite a lot of companies providing conditionally free hosting (i.e. all its pages you do not pay the money, but only a day showing advertising company benefactor).