Website optimization is an integral part of promotion and site promotion.

The goal of optimization is to reach the high relevance of site pages for important for this business the key queries in search engines. That is, achieve a high attendance and, consequently, to achieve the commercial success of the site. We have the first year engaged in search engine optimization and promotion of sites, so we can share the experience. More attention of the search engines pay content (IE. ), the more specific and more narrow topic, the easier to promote a site.

Actually optimization based on optimizing content and the correct calculation of keywords right used them in content. Sometimes this process is called "keyword obvažnennâm". If you have time, we recommend that you start with SEO test. If the result is needed urgently-choose immediately that interesting for you: guaranteed website promotion to positions high-precision promotion traffic or mass passive promotion. To start, let's define what not to do for beginners and do not do professionals engaged in optimization of Web sites:

  • no tricks with invisible links and metategami, search engines are becoming smarter. You get caught and thrown from the network;
  • do not make 8 versions of the same site, so he approached all the bots;
  • do not use third-party keyword is nothing will, except damage;
  • do not use two languages on the same page in the Web site should not be a single nerelevantnoï page!
  • be very careful when exchanging links: before the search engine spiders looked at the number of links to your site, now they look at quality of sites that link to you.

Starter SEO test

If you have time, start with seo-test your site. It only takes one month. During this time we will pick an experimental low-frequency queries, just change the site, install a small number of links, see steam updates and find out how much your site like a search engine. On the prospect of promotion will be maximally clear and predictable.

An important part of this test will be setting Yandex Metrics and obtain initial information about the actions of the visitors on your website to start promoting. We analyze a website using maps links, find out important search engine site settings – the number of failures, average time of visit to the site, the average number of revised pages.

Next, we optimize a portion of your site under the agreed list of simple queries and set a small amount of internal and external links. And look at the reaction of the search engine. Depending on the result of the test, we will offer you a promotion (for positions or warranty) or the reconstruction of the site, if need be, or a set of measures to eliminate the consequences of the use of black technology promotion.

SEO website optimization

Starter SEO test


For site owners, who know how to count their money.

We will have the initial information on the behavioral factors at the site, have already introduced the scheme optimization and the positive reaction of the AEROPLANE on the link and change the site;

For large sites with complex structure

to be absolutely clear where to move on to achieve a result with minimal cost and in the shortest time.


For sites to no avail trying to promote

necessary reasonable suspicion about what sanctions are applied to your site. We'll write a query in a search engine and get the answer, which will clear the depth of the problem;

Promotion positions

This is the classic SEO, the most popular option. Agree on a list of queries. Next begins work to improve the site and increase the reference mass. Check daily. Everything is simple and clear.